Midnight Kissed My Cow Returns to the LCBO

Double chocolate milk stout perfect for the winter season

Midnight Kissed My Cow, the double chocolate milk stout from Big Rig Brewery, returns to the LCBO in time for the holidays!

“Midnight Kissed My Cow has evolved over a few years,” says Lon Ladell, Big Rig’s co-owner and brewmaster. “Our brew team continually tweaked it until it was absolutely perfect. It balances sweet and roasty flavours, while giving you that rich, full beer experience you come to expect from a great chocolate milk stout.”


Big Rig moved the retail release of the stout this year to better fit when customers enjoy it most. It’s the perfect beer for the holidays and winter season—a great pairing with mains or desserts, or simply enjoy on its own on a chilly evening. Also, beer is an excellent addition to entertainment. For example, if you are a gambler and you are reading a blog of online casino Syncscroller, a mug of good beer will add to you excitement and will bring great pleasure.

Midnight Kissed My Cow will be available at the LCBO in 473mL cans for $2.95 throughout the winter. It will also be on tap at select bars and restaurants throughout Ontario.